In our era of information overload, it’s harder than ever to break through to C-level decision makers who are already bombarded with “digital outreach.” Use only email and social media, and you’ll hit a brick wall. On the other hand, relying simply on cold-calling is a thing of the past. To connect with these impossible-to- reach executive buyers, you need to be bold but smart, using powerful strategies that combine proven, old-school values with new-school techniques. You need COMBO Prospecting — finally, the funnel prequel to SPIN Selling and The Challenger Sale.

An internationally respected sales leader and widely-read business blogger, Tony Hughes has written an invaluable handbook for 21st-century sales professionals and entrepreneurs that’s filled with specific approaches for achieving success. His potent COMBOs will help you gain access to top-level prospects in order to secure meetings and ultimately make the sale.

Tony’s practical strategies will enable you to master deep-dive research using LinkedIn and other social media platforms; create an effective value narrative with powerful scripts and templates; select and use the very best sales enablement tools for success; identify “trigger events” and optimize referrals to create engagement; nurture a strong and empowering network that helps you thrive; construct an online brand that really packs a punch, and more.

Today, commoditization, automation, and AI technology threaten every salesperson’s livelihood. Utilizing Tony Hughes’ unique process is a sure way to drive success. When you’re willing to make dramatic changes in how you operate — if you embrace what technology has to offer and combine it with intelligent human engagement — you can create a quality top-of-the-funnel sales pipeline.

COMBO Prospecting is your essential guide to strategic selling in the real world; a gold mine of insights and actionable wisdom so you can break through and operate at the very top of your game.

Create Sales Pipeline With 'Strategic Social Selling'

Please play video above. Buyers have never been more empowered and sellers must adapt in how they engage potential clients to create value. Sales and marketing teams must move away from the paradigm of 'interrupt and push' to instead 'attract and engage' to better create sales pipeline and drive revenue growth. Leveraging social platforms and technology can transform the process of building networks with intelligent engagement to set the right agenda on insight and value. 'Strategic Social Selling' is the strategy and process of building quality networks online to attract clients and accelerate the speed of business. Results are achieved with a strong personal brand and connection through social listening, researching and publishing to attract, engage and collaborate with partners and customers.

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Strategic Social Selling

This is an award winning course with a framework that modernizes selling through strong personal brands and strategies that set the right agenda and increase market reach with reduced cost of sale. Transform how sellers operate and drive targeted engagement, build pipeline and improve sales efficiency by leveraging social technology & platforms.

Complementary White Paper

This free white paper defines a modern approach to strategic business-to-business (B2B) selling. It builds the business case for embracing 'social selling' while addressing common fears expressed by CEOs who are grappling with increased competition, shrinking margins and weakening customer loyalty. The buyer's journey is mapped to points of sales engagement and the role of personal brands, content marketing and automation tools is discussed. The paper concludes with recommendations for bringing sales and marketing together to attract clients, drive better customer experience, individual pipeline creation, lower cost of sales and increased revenue with improved customer retention.

Tony’s social selling framework has transformed the way I sell. No more cold calls and instead a level of engagement with clients I could only previously dream of. His strategies and techniques really work!
— Olsie Selfo. Regional Security Lead at The Network