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On this page you will find Tony's best selling books, practical sales tools, training courses and a free sales aptitude test designed specifically for sales people in B2B selling.

COMBO Prospecting (fill your sales pipeline)

COMBO Prospecting is taking the world by storm because it is the essential and practical prequel to both SPIN Selling and The Challenger Sale. This is because COMBO Prospecting is what gets you in front of people to then use the SPIN questioning framework of Neil Rackam and the 'Challenger' insight narrative and techniques of CEB (Corporate Executive Board). You can be the best salesperson in the world... but not if you're unable to create quality sales pipeline.

COMBO prospecting brings timeless principles of success together with modern engagement tools and techniques... people and technology, social and the phone, insight and value, relationships and strategy.

Tony’s practical strategies will enable you to master deep-dive research using LinkedIn and other social media platforms; create an effective value narrative with powerful scripts and templates; select and use the very best sales enablement tools; identify “trigger events” and optimize referrals to create engagement; nurture a strong and empowering network that helps you thrive; construct an online brand that really packs a punch, and more. When you’re willing to make dramatic changes in how you operate, embracing technology and combining it with intelligent human engagement — you can create a quality top-of-the-funnel sales pipeline.

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“This is a manual for dealing with the biggest problem confronting business leaders, entrepreneurs, and salespeople . . . not enough opportunity pipeline. Yet lack of closable deals is really a symptom of deeper issues, and you must not solely rely on others to generate the leads and opportunities needed for success. Instead, you must take control and step into the hard-core prospecting fight cage yourself . . . you’re not really a leader or a serious salesperson unless you do! This book explains how any business-to-business seller can transform results to become a knock-out success. It is filled with practical steps, real examples, and actionable insights. You’ll be able to create your own plan worthy of becoming a world champion in your industry.”
— Jeb Blount, bestselling author of Fanatical Prospecting

Sales Enablement Tools - Individual License

This bundled offer of sales enablement tools is an individual perpetual license to use regardless of employer or career change. Included is a fully configurable Excel-based opportunity management tool, buyer profiler and call planner in Word format, book quiz to use with a sales team and the answers and explanations for the sales aptitude test.

Bundle of Tools Includes:

  • Opportunity Management Tool (Excel)

  • Account Risk Assessment tool (Excel) and Account Plan Template (PowerPoint)

  • Buyer Profiler (template Word doc)

  • Sales Call Planner (template Word doc)

  • Sales Aptitude Test with separate scoring sheet and comprehensive answers and explanations document


Book: The Joshua Principle, Leadership Secrets of Selling

Purchase Tony's best selling book in paperback (6th printing) and also available in audio book or eBook formats. The book is renowned and has been endorsed by Professor Neil Rackham and many other sales leaders globally. Amazon reviews here. For those who have already read or listened to the book, here is the epilogue.

"To describe this book as a compelling story is an understatement. This is a coming-of-age story and scores a perfect ten in every way! Take a deep breath, put your feet up and get ready to lose yourself in the truly engaging story of an aspiring sales leader who discovers how deals really get won.” Dave Stein: CEO, ES Research Group Inc.
“This is the first business book I’ve read that caused me to shed a tear. The concepts are powerful and I couldn’t put it down – I read it in just four days.” CEO of tier-one technology corporation who subsequently purchased copies for the entire management team and sales organization.
"This is the best book you’ll ever read on professional selling. It delivers genuine insights within a narrative that has the power to change your life. I couldn't put it down." Tom Snyder: White House staff and CEO of Huthwaite. 

Listen to this 25 minute interview about the book on The Sales Blog where Anthony Iannarino talks with Tony Hughes about concepts in the book. Click on images below to buy in your preferred format. Paperback copies come personally signed by the author.


Click on your preferred book option above. PayPal is for Paperback purchases only. Buy the Audio Book here (narrated by Michael Bonner) and a sample of audio content is available from Audible website. Preview print edition content from Kindle website. The eBook edition is also available from all good eBook retailers but a special offer from Barnes and Noble for eBook platforms including NOOK. 

Free Sales Aptitude Test

This assessment tool is designed for those engaged in complex enterprise solution selling. Please note that it is not suitable for people engaged in retail, transactional or commodity selling. The self-assessment takes approximately 50 minutes but there is no time limit. Upon completion, summary scores are provided for the following seven competencies in professional selling:
- Sales Process
- Communication
- Knowledge, Attitude and Skill
- Opening
- Closing
- Objections
- Opportunity Development

The individual answers and explanations are available to purchase as part of the sales enablement bundle. Also included is a PDF version for use in the recruiting process for screening and interviewing candidates in complex B2B selling roles.

Training Courses and Workshops

These flexible workshops can transform the way people sell and are an essential element of a sales transformation program. Courses can be tailored and the linked PDFs provide detailed overviews for each course. All courses come with comprehensive workbooks, tools and are hands-on with actionable insights.YT

The above courses are especially valuable for: 1) crafting value messaging to lead with insight in generating conversations with potential new clients, 2) helping sales people personally create opportunity pipeline leveraging LinkedIn, 3) manage complex enterprise sales opportunities, and 4) defending and growing key accounts. The Relationship Selling course covers the Science and Art of Communication and Influence and is ideal for sales people, consultants and managers who engage with potential new clients and need to develop 'sales fundamentals' awareness and skills. The Negotiation course can be tailored to include real world scenarios for role-play workshops and adopts a cooperative approach for joint value creation and long-term relationship success. 

Personalized take-away tools from some of the courses includes:

  • Personal 'social selling' and brand strategy for creating sales pipeline

  • Tailored Opportunity Management Tool for qualification and action tracking

  • Customized Close Planner for creating alignment and forecast accuracy

  • Executive business value positioning (CEO, CFO, CIO, etc.)

  • Buyer profiler for summarizing buyer role, agenda, personality type, etc.

  • Questioning toolkit tailored to create differentiation with specific buyer roles

  • Evidenced business benefits list with discovery questions

  • Negotiation toolkit and frameworks for trading concessions and managing process

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What People Are Saying About The sales aptitude test

“We recruit senior sales people for enterprise selling roles. Tony’s Sales Aptitude Test is truly unique and can enable an insightful discussion concerning whether a sales person is actually strategic. Our clients confirm that the RSVP concepts are redefining excellence in sales strategy and execution.”
— Marcus Lynch. Managing Director Halcyon Knights

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