Manage The Complex Sale With Clarity

RSVP Challenger Selling.png

RSVPselling™ is next generation selling with strategy as a way of thinking and excellence in execution.

It is a low overhead framework for opportunity management anywhere and at any time, and can be implemented in a boardroom within an account plan or in a coffee shop on the back of a napkin. Importantly, it can complement your existing methodology and tools for strategic selling and won't confuse your team. 

RSVPselling™ has successfully delivered large multi-million dollar contracts in hardware, software, products, professional services and solutions.

This methodology can be integrated with you Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. SugarCRM now and salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics coming soon.

The RSVPselling methodology was instrumental in us winning a contract in excess of $100 million and provided clarity amidst the complexity of pursuing a large international enterprise opportunity.
— Kevin Griffen, Managing Director - Orange Business Services