Take the Sales Aptitude Test


Congratulations on choosing to invest your time and effort in improving your sales skills and abilities. This is a self-assessment designed to benefit you personally and professionally and your results are confidential. It is important that you fully understand these instructions before answering any of the questions so please read carefully before moving on. 

Completing this questionnaire should take no more than 50 minutes and it is divided into two following sections. The first deals with theory and the second with practical sales situations. Consider each question as it relates to professional corporate sales (i.e. multiple sales calls within large organisations and multiple influencers and/or decision-makers). 

This test is not appropriate for commodity or transactional sales roles. 

The term ‘buyer’ means ‘the person to whom you are selling’ and unless stated, does not mean ‘professional purchasing officer’ (e.g. Purchasing Manager). The term ‘close’ means ‘ask for the order’. Select the single best option available and in Section Two (from question 57 onward) select the single best option as the immediate next step.

It is important that you answer according to what you personally believe or would actually do in the situation presented. Be completely honest and do not dwell over any question for too long. Avoid the temptation to respond according to what you think is theoretically correct. Always respond on the basis of what you personally believe to be true.

Select one option only when answering the multiple choice questions. In the following example the most appropriate response is ‘B’. 

Highly successful people have the following habits:
  A. They drive rapidly between sales appointments
  B. They read one personal or professional development book per month
  C. They drink a bottle of wine each evening to relieve work pressures

Once completed, your overall results will be displayed immediately. However, if you would like the answers and explanations, these can be purchased under Sales Resources / Sales Enablement Tools. The Word and PDF versions allow you to manually re-do the test and see your scores for the following individual sales competencies:
  • Sales Process
  • Communication
  • Knowledge, Attitude or Skill
  • Opening
  • Closing
  • Objection Handling
  • Opportunity Development.

Begin this free self-assessment  by entering the email address you would like the results sent to and congratulations again on investing in your own professional development!