Please play the video to the right. RSVPselling™ enables managers to mentor and coach on winning complex deals using an efficient and effective framework for strategy and execution as they simply keep asking questions in the four RSVP areas to create clarity and focus on what's important.

Relationships: Do we have the right relationships? Followed by: Are we selling at the right level? Do they have genuine political and economic power? Do our relationships provide differentiating intelligence, insight and genuine influence?

Strategy: Do we have an effective strategy for managing relationships and competitive threats? Followed by: Do we understand the power-base and have we identified the competition (external and internal including the risk of them doing nothing)? What's our strategy for winning while engineering a positive bias in the customer's requirements toward us?

Value: Are we leading with insight and uniquely creating compelling business value in the eyes of the customer? Followed by: Why will they buy anything at all and is there a risk of the status quo prevailing? How are we differentiating and evidencing our credentials as lowest risk and best value?

Process: Are we aligned with the buyer and do we truly understand the customer’s process for evaluation, selection, approval and procurement? Followed by: Do we understand how they define and assess risk with suppliers and solutions? Do we have a close plan validated by the customer?

Pragmatic tools underpin the RSVPselling™ framework for qualifying, closing and understanding the players in the buyer organization. RSVPselling™ can be simply enabled with Excel and Word documents or fully integrated into your CRM (Salesforce and Sugar CRM available now and Microsoft Dynamics coming soon).

RSVPselling™ is proven and the result of decades of research and real world application selling at the highest levels in enterprise and government markets. It is ideal for sales people who need efficient simplicity with a framework for creating the right strategy and executing tactics. RSVPselling™ is a meta-framework sitting above Huthwaite's SPIN Selling (Neil Rackham), Miller Heiman’s Strategic Selling, Target Account Selling (TAS), Holden’s eFox and Power Base Selling, the Sandler Selling System, Rick Page’s GPS RADAR and The Complex Sale, Keith Eades’ Solution Selling, David Maister’s Truster Advisor, Lambert & Dugdale’s Smarter Selling, Art Jacobs' Strategy & Battle Plan, Tony Parinello's Selling To VITO and more. It also provides a practical approach to supporting The Challenger Sale from the Corporate Executive Board.