Course Synopsis

Strategic Enterprise Selling

What is Strategic Enterprise Selling?

‘Strategic enterprise selling’ is the process of managing high value sales into large organizations where there is political complexity and a multi-faceted business case requiring the support of multiple stakeholders. Success is built on trust established through strong rapport-building and communication skills with masterful execution of relationship management, competitive strategy, business value creation and alignment with the buyer’s evaluation, selection and procurement processes.

Why Select This Course?

This course teaches a way of thinking and operating that leads to sustained high performance. Course participants learn that success in professional selling requires a philosophy of value creation through senior executive engagement focused on understanding critical business issues and delivering genuine insights; followed by the execution of the right strategies that build trust and create business value for the buying organization. The RSVPselling™ framework has been proven in highly competitive and complex enterprise selling environments.


Course Outline

The Strategic Enterprise Selling course covers ‘sales fundamentals’ in the areas of communication, rapport-building, understanding personalities and working with personal agendas. Workshops for creating and communicating business value are also included along with frameworks for creating trust, developing strategy, leveraging competitive strengths, engineering value and navigating political complexity while aligning with the buying organization and creating win/close plans.

Course Content


   Course objectives and defining professional selling

   Evolution of professional selling and Value Quadrant

   RSVPselling™ overview

Relationship Selling

   The New ROI and selling at the right level

   Building trust through active listening to create understanding

   Communication variables (personality, etc.) and building rapport

   Ten behaviors for positive influence

   Ten laws of relationship selling

Value Creation

   Understanding and creating genuine business value

   The client’s value definition and assessment criteria

   Identifying, evidencing and leading to your unique value (workshop)

   Questions that create progression and shape requirements (workshop)

   Creating your executive value insight message that hooks interest (workshop)

Strategic Selling

   Introduction to strategic selling

   Mapping the power base and buying center

   Personal agendas versus corporate drivers

   Profiling individual decision makers

   Competitive engagement strategies and case study

   Ten laws of strategic selling

Process Alignment

   Creating buyer and seller alignment

   Opportunity qualification tool tailored for your market (workshop)

   Process and timing alignment through close plans (workshop)

   Opportunity management

   Personal leadership and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)


   The seven sins to avoid and affirmations for sales success

   Review key outputs actionable commitments

Pre-learning and Preparation

Course preparation is essential for participants to enable them to focus on hands-on activities during the course to implement strategies: Pre-learning tasks include:

·       Connect to Tony Hughes in LinkedIn: and follow his blog:

·       Develop an executive ‘pitch’  (90 seconds and without slides) that is aimed at the most senior decision-maker of an unqualified prospect and with the aim of securing a thirty minute meeting

·       Complete Sales Aptitude Test in the Sales Resources section at the RSVPselling website

·       Reading – The Joshua Principle. Leadership Secrets of Selling. Hughes, TJ. (2010).




Learning Outcomes and Deliverables

The course is designed to equip participants to:

·       Improve new business win rates

·       Sell more efficiently and cost-effectively

·       Create greater customer value

·       Increase average deal size

·       Think and act more strategically

·       Create stronger competitive differentiation through insight and value

·       Influence and communicate more effectively, and execute with greater self-management and personal leadership.

·       Align teams internally in how they communicate and sell

The course will produce the following individual tools for participants:

·       Unique value identification sheets with linkage to customer business benefits

·       Questioning toolkit tailored to create differentiation with specific buyer roles

·       Executive business value messaging (pitch) with questions to take control

·       Buyer profiler for summarising buyer role, agenda, personality type, etc.

·       Tailored Opportunity Qualification Tool with action tracking

·       Customized Close Planner for creating alignment and forecast accuracy


Venue hire, catering, audio-visual equipment, etc. and any travel costs are additional. Recommended class size is no more than 20 participants. Cost elements as follows:

·       Electronic course manual including worksheets: $395 (plus tax) per participant

·       Course facilitation by Tony J Hughes: $2,200 (plus tax) per day

·       Course preparation with tailoring with course follow-up: No additional cost.

For an overview of the principles plus testimonials and further information about the concepts, visit website



About The Course Creator And Facilitator

In 2015, Top Sales Magazine ranked Tony Hughes as the number one influencer for professional selling in Asia-Pacific. Tony subsequently became a regular columnist for Top Sales World Magazine and his LinkedIn Author Blog is also widely read by sales leaders globally. Tony’s best selling book: The Joshua Principle, Leadership Secrets of Selling is in its 6th printing.

Tony’s unique strategic sales methodology, RSVPselling™, has delivered hundreds of millions in sales and his framework for modernizing the way people sell with social media provides a way for sales people to become micro-marketers and personally create sales pipeline. He has taught for The University of Sydney and is currently on the faculty of the University of Technology Sydney delivering part of their eMBA program. Tony is also a recognized international keynote speaker in the USA and Europe, speaking at events including Sales Innovation Expo, London with 3,000 delegates.

Tony also has more than 30 years of real word experience including setting individual sales records that have never been broken, owning his own companies pioneering new markets, and leading the Asia-Pacific region (Managing Director) for a number of global technology corporations with head-offices in North America. In 2012 Tony launched his own consultancy business and his clients include Oracle, LinkedIn, Sugar CRM, BOC Gases, FINDEX Group, TAL Life, Nufarm, New Zealand Government and others.

For additional information:

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