What People Think of RSVPSelling

“I'm very impressed with Tony's book and I hope The Joshua Principle reaches the wide audience it deserves.”

Professor Neil Rackham. Creator of SPIN Selling™
New York Times best selling author (three books)

“The Joshua Principle is a compelling read. It captures what every Sales Executive needs to carry in their hearts and the investment they need to make in their skills and the process of sales to become GREAT.”

*Brett Bonser. Director and Co Founder
Funnel Camps and MathMarketing

"The concepts of RSVPselling™ enabled me to achieve over 700% of my annual quota and quadruple my income. Tony’s concepts and leadership helped me to become the number one sales person world-wide with more than one hundred other sales people operating from forty offices globally. RSVPselling™ is a proven winner!”

Brett Shields. Senior Sales Executive
Hummingbird Corporation

"This is next generation selling, and professional selling for the next generation"

Adrian Rudman. General Manager, Marketing
Objective Corporation

“This RSVP concept takes a refreshing approach to thinking strategically with minimal administrative overhead for sales people.”

Stephen Walker. Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand

“This is the approach for when you're struggling with your sales methodology. The instinctive simplicity of RSVP is genius.”

David Thompson. Managing Director, Asia-Pacific
AXS-One Pty Ltd

“Tony’s insights are clearly the result of decades of experience in selling at the highest levels. We use the best sales tools available and the RSVP principles complement these perfectly.”

Paul Wray. Senior Sales Executive
Oracle Corporation

“The RSVP principles are used by our solutions selling teams across the region with phenomenal success. As one of the largest SAP system integrators and applications transformation consulting organizations globally, we rely heavily on having tools that are simple to understand, use and deliver immediate benefits. I loved the story based approach and this book is a definite must for every aspiring sales professional”

Brian E. Pereira. Head of Asia-Pacific, Japan, India and the Middle East

“After fifteen years in sales I finally have a powerful sales methodology that is easy enough to carry around in my head yet flexible enough to apply to all business situations. The RSVP concepts enabled me to qualify for my first Achiever’s Club in Las Vegas. Forget sales theory; this is sales reality and it delivers at every level.”

Greg Mennie. Senior Sales Executive
Open Text Corporation

“Highly recommended! There’s much to learn here, particularly for Sales Managers and salespeople who want an effective framework for taking their career to the next level.”

Paul Sparks. Principal
Sales Effectiveness Australasia

"This is the first book on strategic selling with heart, and the new standard text for all my sales people. It complements our existing sales tools and methodologies by creating focus and stimulating innovative thinking. Everyone can learn something valuable from this book no matter what their role in a sales organisation.”

Simon Tate. Sales Director
EMC Software

“Tony Hughes is a proven leader and his team delivered three of the four biggest contracts globally for our company in one year using his RSVP methodology. Tony's Asia Pacific operation delivered more than 300% of quota and was the most profitable operation worldwide.”

Elias Diamantopoulos. Vice President of North American and Asia-Pacific Sales and Operations
Hummingbird Corporation

“Tony Hughes has written a masterful book that not only gives significant insight to the mentoring process, but will add tremendous value to anyone who chooses to immerse themselves in the exercises suggested in this book. He has that rare skill that turns theory into something practical you can do right now to enable you to create a new future and reach a new set of goals. Although the book is directed at those in the sales profession the lessons and insights are readily applicable to anyone. We mentor business leaders and this book will help you become a better one.”

Anthony Howard. CEO Asia Pacific
Merryck & Co.

“I’ve always struggled to read dry business books but Tony’s ability to teach whilst telling an interesting story got me hooked. This is the best sales book I’ve read and the principles helped me achieve number one sales person in our company in both 2007 and 2008.”

Mike Ross. Country Manager, New Zealand
Objective Corporation Limited

“This book is both entertaining and insightful; it tugs your heart strings and challenges your thinking. Tony transcends the concepts of sales practitioner to equip any sales professional to become genuinely strategic anywhere and at any time.”

Paul Floro. Senior Sales Representative

“This could be for professional selling what the book, The Goal has been for supply chain and manufacturing. It teaches through real life scenarios and promotes genuine alignment with the needs of the buying organization. This book delivers an entertaining and engaging story line while providing insight into how the best suppliers think and operate.”

Eric Haynor. Vice President, Supply Chain Asia-Pacific

“We launch the sales careers of the very best university graduates, and the RSVP concept represents the next generation of business and sales strategy.”

Blair Whitehead. CEO

“We recruit senior sales people for enterprise selling roles. Tony’s Sales Aptitude Test is truly unique and can enable an insightful discussion concerning whether a sales person is actually strategic. Our clients confirm that the RSVP concepts are redefining excellence in sales strategy and execution."

Marcus Lynch. Managing Director
Halcyon Knights