Ten Reasons Selling Is Easy! The 'Goat Close' Trumps All Others.

B2B enterprise insight challenger solution selling has never been easier. Anyone can simply pull all the elements together by paying close attention to everything in this 4 minute video. But can you execute?

The goat close has some ethical challenges but hey, Challenger Selling is the new new selling... it's far more effective than the Arnie close (I'll be back).

I forgot to mention how important it is to be masterful with 100-slide PowerPoint to bedazzle your audience, using your melodic NLP droning to tune their alpha brain waves into the subconscious need to purchase something from you. Great tips here from Don McMillan. Pay special attention to where the term 'bullet point' came from.

If you're a sales manager, then the last thing to know is that it's super important to innovate in the way you train the team. This is a cutting edge mash-up of Wizard of Oz meets Jeff Slutsky Sales Magic... strap yourself in to be entertained and educated all at the same time. Imagine the impact of immersing your team in this assault on their senses on day three of your annual sales kick-off. The awards night was the night before and they'll be even more receptive in their hung-over state.

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