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Abracadabra: 8 Epiphanies From 80 Posts

Here's a little list of light bulbs that went off in my head as I've gained my sea legs with the LinkedIn Publisher platform in the early days, endeavoring to leverage it in building a platform of my own, as Michael Hyatt would encourage. These truths still apply today:

  1. Reciprocity rules. I like, share and comment on others posts at a rate of 10 to 1. Why? Because I am curious and it pays to pay it forward. I do my best to take the time to personally like and comment anytime someone ever interacts with me in any way. I realize this is not scalable but it pays dividends accelerating the speed and quality of the platform I am building here as an author and speaker. It's manageable because I can batch process this returning to it in scheduled intervals.
  2. The network effects on LinkedIn are sensational and exponential compared with any other platform I've personally used, especially when one nails a great story line.
  3. It's possible to grow an entire social media footprint just by focusing on writing great content on LinkedIn. Making this the core of my strategy was risky but has paid off rapidly. Publisher has been the hub and the other networks like Google+ and Twitter are spokes playing key roles in the supporting cast. Twitter is the best amplification strategy, hundreds of retweets yield massive likes, comments and shares. I always thank people when they add commentary.
  4. The perfect length of a post is 1,600 words or approximately 7 minute read, data has been analyzed on this (some studies say 1,900). It's shocking how many professionals love long form content. A frequent response I get on the longest ones that I share is ironically, "Great concise read." Moral of the story: readers are leaders so there are some incredible readers out there and writers who will reply with incredibly profound comments. They even take the time to research the story and add incredible intrinsic value.
  5. Quality still trumps quantity: When I invest significant time on a weekend to craft just one post, I do notice that effort pays off dramatically. Super high quality content is given wings on LinkedIn. Variety is the spice of life so switch it up a great deal and experiment. As soon as you're sure you've cracked the content code, a post will fall flat. Formulaic posts can create consistency but there is little rhyme or reason beyond this maxim, "If it truly inspires you, your true audience will find you and be inspired." So write from the heart with passion about what you know!
  6. Don't be shy to contact powerful people you admire and engage in relevant and meaningful conversations. The time to start doing that is now, don't wait another minute. When you tweet at bestselling authors or thought leaders, they often will Tweet right back, impressively within minutes, even seconds. Yes, they're that good and always on. They practice what they preach: #socialselling
  7. Leadership seems to be at the core of a great deal of the problems in business right now, maybe even the world. My readers wish that more people in any position of power operated with greater integrity. It's been gratifying to evolve the content from a sales discussion to a greater leadership discussion and realize in many ways, it's one and the same.
  8. Remarkably, readers on LinkedIn seem to enjoy overwhelmingly positive, inspiring posts as opposed to conflict and controversy which is typically not what the internet is known for, particularly in social media. It's been my experience that dry B2B brochure-like content typically falls flat. Astonishingly, if you truly put yourself out there, almost no one hates on you (OK, maybe a couple). This too is remarkable when thousands of new people cruise past your profile to learn more about who is writing and many write in.
  9. BONUS, I had to add one more as a runner-up because I haven't seen many people mentioning this word lately but it's still a key arrow in your quiver. Mash-ups are here to stay. Comparing sales to Cricket or piloting an aircraft to being a brand ambassador, taking a bunch of wildly disparate elements and finding things in common while mashing them up, tends to create enormous hybrid synergy and remarkable, Power-of-Wow, Purple Cow content. Mash-ups are also a great way to source content from evergreen and recent topics. There are millions of human systems that one could draw inspiration from by comparing them to situations in business. There are unlimited lessons from history, art, music, philosophy, science, sports and especially walking in nature that apply to sales, marketing and leadership excellence. Perhaps that's why Steve Jobs loved to take meetings while he strolled...Cross train, get away from the computer (yes, your smartphone is a computer!), experience life and bring your own unique perspective back to the fray. Being uniquely you is the strongest card that you can play. Social media isn't going away anytime soon so you can make your mark and perhaps a little bit of magic by infusing insights from your life experience.

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LinkedIn Publisher Awards – The Winners Are ...


The biggest and most powerful publishing platform on the planet is LinkedIn Publisher. Initially it was available only for those deemed to be 'Influencers' such as Obama and Branson but then they generously opened it up to mere mortals with a selected few also invited to be LinkedIn AUTHORS.


Publisher is the platform on which you're reading this (Pulse is the name given to the channels they've created to stream content) and the stats are staggering. There are more than 1 million unique writers publishing over 130,000 posts per week achieving unrivaled reach and engagement with over 380 million members all around the world with 2 new people joining per second. Almost half of the people publishing in LinkedIn are in the upper ranks of their industries (senior managers, VPs, CEOs, etc.) yet those publishing posts equate to less than one-third of just 1% of LinkedIn members! It's staggering that in the age of personal branding, more than 99.5% of LinkedIn members fail to take advantage of a game-changing feature enabling them to show insight and relevance in their areas of expertise.

Publishing enables you to attract and engage while demonstrating insight and relevance for your target market

Just 10 months ago, I decided to stop blogging on my website and go all-in here in LinkedIn. It was part of a deliberate strategy I formed to go and be where my market is to create audience as an author and speaker. I took this action after reading David Meerman Scott's book, The New Rules of marketing and PR and the results in just 10 months have been staggering: Ive grown my blog followers from 1,600 to nearly 10,000 and with well over 450,000 reads and huge engagement with likes, shares and comments. Note the statistics in the sample of 6 posts below.

I've published more than 250 original content posts here in LinkedIn and theresults have included being recognized as the #1 sales influencer in Asia-Pacific and one of top 100 B2B social media users globally. I've received invitations from magazines and blog sites to write for them and an approach from a New York publishing house for a book deal. I've invoiced substantial new business in speaking and consulting from sales conversations that ask; "Are you available and how much do your charge?" instead of me having to chase anyone or establish my credentials.

Publishing in LinkedIn is transformative and their generosity in providing the platform for free is changing the human engagement in the business world in ways we do not fully comprehend. It's time from LinkedIn to showcase the best and brightest who use their platform as it is intended; not as a narcissistic blasting platform for spamming or selling but for high quality community engagement where valued relationships are built, ideas are shared and value is created.

I write for Top Sales Magazine and they recently published their list of the Top 50 blogs but not one of these was on LinkedIn. The 15th annual weblog awards (The Bloggies) were conducted earlier this year and they are also yet to recognize anyone on the biggest and best platform on the planet which is LinkedIn Publisher with Pulse streaming content through its channels. Here is my question for the leaders at LinkedIn.

When is LinkedIn hosting the inaugural Publisher Awards and what will be the categories?

What's your opinion about LinkedIn Publisher as a blogging platform and Pulse as a publishing channel catering to special interests? What do you think the award categories should be? Share this article as an Update and Tweet this link to LinkedIn executives to get the ball rolling.

If you valued this article, please hit the ‘like' and ‘share’ buttons below. This article was originally published in LinkedIn here where you can comment. Also follow theaward winning LinkedIn blog here or visit Tony’s leadership blog at his keynote speaker

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