Positive thinking

Epic Winner Thinking Instead of Negativity

2016 has been a tumultuous year with one of the worst starts to the stock market in living memory and unprecedented levels of political instability. Brexit and Trumps incredible presidential win aside, commodity prices reached record lows and global economic confidence is tenuous at best... China remains a mystery box economically while fear and greed seems to drive politics and commerce. The values of many leaders seem to be based on expediency with their morality floating on the sludge of self-serving subjectivity. Hang-on!... All this negativity evokes a pessimistic view of the world and our future within it.

Fear is the worst of human traits and paralyses the host. It can turn caustic if not remedied with a positive attitude combined with belief and faith for a better future.

There is a better way to live! We have the power to envisage and then create the future we seek.

Business leaders and sales people can positively influence the world as they encourage investment in a better way for their customers to operate. Every factory worker, back-office employee and service provider owes their livelihood to someone in sales and marketing who convinces customers to purchase the product, service or solution that funds them.

We need positive people in the world committed to making a positive difference to the lives of others. Sales people are a class of these individuals and they must be willing to embrace the difficult, accept rejection and do the hard work required to change people's minds. We should celebrate their successes rather than resent their rewards. We should cheer their efforts as they put themselves on the line to deliver revenue results and create jobs for others.

Here are three videos to inspire you to soar above the negativity... 'epic win' beats 'epic fail' any day of the week! We are what we feed our minds. We attract what we radiate. We receive what we first believe. Choose to be an optimist and then back yourself with disciplined competence in your profession.

Would you jump out of a plane without a parachute, trusting someone to come to you? Teams achieve great things even if it is an individual who leads the effort.

Behind every successful person is someone who believed in them. Belief and competence is the foundation upon which success is built. Thousands of hours of reading, preparing, executing and learning. This is what it takes to master anything in life. Embrace the difficult because scarcity is what creates value... if it was easy, everybody would be successful and it would not pay very much.

Now go find a new customer and make their day. Infect them with your positive attitude and inspire them with your belief in how they can have a better life or transform their business.

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Main Image Photo by Flickr: Brittany Randolph Geo Bowl winner