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Unbelievable Example Of Technology Providing Direct Access. Technology Tips!


Automation is changing everything but are you using it well? Watch this short video and be astounded at the power of the 'internet of things' when harnessed for unbelievable user experience with the world's leading technology keynote speaker!

"It even unlocks my car... and the only one with access is me!" That's the funniest advertisement I've seen this year and thanks Andrew Vorster for sharing it at a conference we were both speaking at.

But seriously, do you understand the unintended consequences of embracing technology and social media platforms? Have you methodically gone through your LinkedIn settings to ensure that your competitors cannot track your interactions with customers and prospects? Ever wondered about the 'anonymous' views you've had of your profile? It's always a recruitment consultant or competitor.

"There's always unintended consequences with new technology. But worse, there are dire consequences of ignoring the relentless march of commoditization and disruption."

Real professionals understand how to use and maintain their tools. They do the basics masterfully and they innovate to remain relevant. 90% of buyers do NOT respond to cold outreach. Less than 3% of cold calls yield a result, and e-mail marketing gets lost among all the other spam in their inbox. Achieving cut-through requires finesse. Get serious about how you use LinkedIn and other social platforms to engage and provide value.

Here's a video interview I did with the professor of social selling highlighting the dangers of a hapless approach to LinkedIn. I removed this water skiing photo from my own LinkedIn profile immediately following the interview.

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