The Value Of Sales Meetings... Have Your Say


I recently wrote about how [not] to run a sales meeting and it generated much conversation. This post gives you the opportunity to participate in a research survey being conducted by John Dougan, one of the most influential sales leaders in Australia. John and I are part of Sales Masterminds Australia and he's conducting a survey to uncover what people think about sales meetings and the value of attending them.


There is a perception that sales meetings don't provide value for sales people but instead serve the manager in ticking their boxes and gathering forecast data to report up the line. Do you agree? Whether you're a sales manager or individual sales contributor, you can have you're say now about sales meetings.

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If you complete John Dougan's survey you'll have access to the infographic when it is published to reveal the results. I asked John what prompted him to do this research and here is his response.

"Before a sales manager can have any chance of making sales meetings more effective, they have to first be clear about who the sales meetings id being conducted for. I've watched many sales managers run the all too familiar, sales administration checklist meeting - ticking boxes for their exact same meeting with their superiors. My point is that if managers run a sales meeting that only works for them, then they fail to see the true value that exists in it. That is, the opportunity to coach sales people to commit to better sales behaviors and achieve more sales!"Connect with John Dougan here in LinkedIn.

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