2 Ways To Soaring Sales Using Modern Technology

I don't have a commercial arrangement to say good things about these companies but I provide the examples to show you how to make your results soar by intelligently using technology... there's no CRM here and you'll even see the phone being used! Show these to your senior executive team if they struggle to understand how selling is changing and how people using technology masterfully can be the rocket fuel for soaring results.

Inside Sales: Here's an example from InsideSales on how algorithms can work to drive productivity. It's real and their customers are using it today. This is a powerful example of how lower cost inside sellers are eating into the traditional domain of expensive field sales. The focus today is on buyer/seller alignment and creating best possible Customer eXperience (CX). We need to engage and interact the way that our prospects and customers want us to. This means online, in social, on the phone and face-to-face when they want the meeting. The ability to click a button on your website to initiate chat or a voice conversation is essential today.

The algorithms and integration that drive the level of sales execution in the video above is real and affordable. Cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) is changing the game for smaller companies to be able to compete with industry giants for elegant and seamless service with efficient processes.

Field sales: This video was produced by LinkedIn in their New York office recently when they had 3 real world customers provide case studies of how they're delivering real sales transformation.

LinkedIn is without doubt the most powerful tool on the face of the planet for researching prospective customers and elevating the sales profession. The speakers here talk using social to sell and I define the term Social Selling hereincluding five pillars for execution:

I've been doing work for Oracle in the last few months and their suite of CX solutions is incredibly powerful. What's your strategy to use technology to drive revenue growth, operational efficiency and better Customer eXperience? 

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Main image photo by Flickr:  Jimmy Baikovicius