10 Superhuman Strategic Moonshot Methodologies to 10X Sales Revenue

“If everyone’s saying they offer the 'leading solution,' what’s the customer to think? We can tell you what their response will be: 'Great—give me 10 percent off." - Matt Dixon

2. Power Base Selling (eFox)

“Know this about yourself: there is only one reason professional salespeople lose orders-- they are outsold.” - Jim Holden

3. SPIN Selling

“I believe there is a special place in hell reserved for wicked salespeople where they sit for all eternity being forced to answer their own situation questions.” - Neil Rackham

RSVP Wheel.jpg

4. RSVPselling

(Full disclosure, this one is mine!). These are the four elements for winning the complex sale and the framework is intuitive. It's delivered huge enterprise wins. in countries around the world.

"The RSVPselling methodology was instrumental in us winning a contract in excess of $100 million and provided clarity amidst the complexity of pursuing a large international enterprise opportunity. — Kevin Griffen, Managing Director - Orange Business Services.



5. Solution Selling

“Solution Selling is designed to help sellers understand and align with how buyers buy.” - Keith Eades

6. Strategic Selling - Miller Heiman

"I took Strategic Selling over 20 years ago and I'm glad to see that it hasn't changed which is a good indicator of a quality solution." - Sales representative - Business Services

7. Trigger Event Selling

“The number one metric I think more sales leaders should measure is how often they are the first vendor into an opportunity – aka first in.” - Craig Elias

8. SNAP Selling

"To be consultative, be assumptive." - Jill Konrath

9. Insight Selling

“Sales winners educate with new ideas and perspectives almost three times more often than second-place finishers. Of 42 factors studied, the greatest difference between winners and second-place finishers was their propensity to educate.” - Mike Schultz

10. The Prime Process: Diagnostic Business Development

“We’ve ingrained the Prime Process in our culture around the globe and it’s clearly a sustainable competitive advantage. I write this endorsement with some reluctance as I don’t want my competitors to have this advantage. In 30 years of reading books and attending seminars to continue my professional growth, there are only a handful that I can say made a difference. Jeff Thull’s Mastering the Complex Sale is one of them.” —Jim Clauser, President and COO, IBA Technology Group—Belgium

11. Target Account Selling (TAS) - Honorable Mention

"Donal uncovers vast advantages of Account Planning done right." - Patricia Elizondo SVP, XEROX

12. BONUS: Consultative Selling

"A 'challenging' insight can be used to drive to the value the salesperson can provide through a consultative dialogue, not replace it." - Linda Richardson

By popular demand and to "switch it up" after over 100 posts, this post is incredibly concise and visual. In my honest opinion, this is the complex selling pantheon as far as strategic frameworks and methodologies are concerned – Which ones did I miss? What's in your pipeline???!!!

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