Eight Secrets of Personal Success

Success is about being the person worthy of it (I think the guy in the middle of this picture looks to be the most worthy in the group) and here are eight principles that can make a huge difference in your life personally and professionally.

Expectation: Every act and creative outcome begins as a thought. Although bad luck can occur, we generally receive in life what we expect. Expectations placed on another person can be an enormously positive or destructive influence. Expect the very best of yourself and others, and learn the lessons in every disappointment or challenge.

Focus: We see what we look for. We become and realize what we think about, whether good or bad. Setting goals creates awareness of opportunities when they present themselves. Choose what you focus upon deliberately and wisely. Have written goals with visual representations for creating emotional connections to what you want.

Reciprocity: Also known as the law of attraction. Be the difference you seek – change yourself to change your world and results. If you want better friends you must first be a better friend. We attract what we radiate. Forgive others and don’t keep score. Jealousy, envy, bitterness and revenge all come back on us if we project these caustic emotions on to others. Work hard and be effective. Give and be generous with your time, energy and money. Be genuinely happy for others when they succeed.

Law of Diminishing Returns (Pareto Principle): 20% of activity yields 80% of the results. This immutable law was first articulated by Vilfredo Pareto and is often referred to as ‘the 80:20 rule’. It is to be observed by anyone seeking to operate efficiently and effectively. Where should you focus your time, energy and resources for the greatest return? Be courageous in cutting away unproductive activities and relationships.

Law of Momentum: Positive momentum is difficult to create and easy to lose. Treasure it and pay attention to the key input activities and metrics that ensure success. Be proactively consistent and avoid distractions. Know you KPIs and obsessively focus on them.

Law of Value: Scarcity creates value so embrace the difficult. Be unique in your ability to solve serious problems and achieve high value outcomes. Everything is worth what the market will pay, not what it costs plus a margin. Perceptions of value are defined by the buyer, not the seller. Price is only one element of value and only matters if the buyer wants what you have to offer. Value = Benefit less Cost. Value for money is the buyer’s weighted assessment of ‘fit for purpose’, risk and price.

Allow for the Law of Self-interest: Regardless of what someone promises, people rarely act contrary to their own best interests. Understand their agendas and plan for them to act accordingly as you formulate strategy. For yourself, scramble people's minds by acting in the best interests of others… be a self-sacrificial giver, not a taker. Lead like Mother Teresa!

Workplace Value: Your qualifications, knowledge and position are merely your ‘ticket to the dance’ – no-one really cares. Workplace value is instead defined by a person’s degree of positive influence and the results they deliver – plain and simple; that’s it. Be the change you want to see in the workplace.

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Main Image Photo by Flickr: Lori Photography