The 6 Sins of B2B Social Selling

1. Narcissism and selfishness: Let your content attract people without you pushing or selling. Be a person of goodwill who generously promotes others. Talk about yourself only when you’re providing examples within a quality piece of content. Find kindred spirits online and help build their brand. The law of reciprocity works big-time in social but don't give to get.

2. Acid-washing: Good manners are an important part of all social interaction, including on-line. Being caustic through sarcasm or negativity paints you in a very poor light. If you don't have something positive to say to an individual, don't say anything at all. Click away.

3. Blog-bombing: If someone takes the effort to create a post or blog to contribute to the community or conversation, you should never promote your own competitive products and insert links to your website. This is the behaviour of a blood sucking parasite… think leach.

4. Faking it: Never pay for fake fans or likes. By all means use tools to help you schedule posts and manage social platforms but earn your followers organically.

5. Stealing content: Plagiarism is theft, plain and simple. Acknowledge others any time you knowingly use their ideas or intellectual property. Be original or attribute the source.

6. Spamming followers: Respect people’s time and focus on providing quality insights. Don't post junk and don't push sales messages at people. Pushing high volumes of self-serving content simply alienates people and they turn-off. Less really is more. Leverage the law of attraction.

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Main Image Photo by Flickr: mkhmarketing