YOU are the reason they don't care or engage

The Challenger Sale is essential reading for everyone in B2B complex solution selling. In the spirit of what Matt Dixon and Brent Adamson teach, here is my proactive insight for those struggling to create momentum and deliver results. 

You are the reason potential customers don't care.

It's not your company’s crap marketing, poor brand, average products and services, tough market conditions, aggressive competitors, or even the lack of leads you receive, nor is it the fault of your boss who won’t help you or your stupid customers who just don't ‘get it’.

Look in the mirror to see the real problem… it’s you, but you are also ‘the opportunity’ to transform results.

Give yourself a wake-up call, an uppercut, a kick to the groin. Snap out of your apathy and get pissed-off with yourself. Do what it [ethically] takes rather that your inadequate ‘best.’

Success leaves clues so learn the numbers for your industry: How many calls? How many meetings? How many proposals? How many people telling you no for you to then get to a yes? Who do you need to get into the customer organization? What does the conversation need to be about? What business problem are you solving? What’s the business case for implementing your solution? What's their process for making a decision and buying from you?

Become a student of success and accept the reality that your results will not change until you do. Some say 75% of success is determined by optimism. Others say that competence and work ethic is the key. For larger complex selling your ability to create value is important. But here are the four key ingredients for success in any sales role: knowledge, attitude, skill and activity. All four of these must be in play at all times.

You’re the reason they don't buy because you talk about you, your company and your product; rather than them, their industry, their customers, their challenges and opportunities. Your customers care about themselves and they are only interested in talking with you if you can grab their attention and then sustain their interest by being obsessed about them and their world.

Self awareness, accepting responsibility, generosity of spirit and being grateful are keys to a happy and successful life. If you like this post, please click the thumbs-up icon under the heading to let me know.

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Main Image Photo by Flickr: Sudhamshu Hebbar