Your ‘Quota Crusher’ Profile Is Hurting You

Jill Rowley advises sales people to avoid the persona of a ‘quota crusher’ and Koka Sexton at LinkedIn says members should go “from resume to reputation” in their use of the powerful B2B social platform. Without doubt, many sales people are projecting the wrong image on LinkedIn by merely using it as their online CV. This is like using a Ferrari to deliver the mail… what a waste. The LinkedIn platform is most powerful when used for research, networking and to engage communities via LinkedIn groups.

Have a look at your LinkedIn profile through the eyes of a potential client. Is your photo professional and friendly? Do you describe what you do in terms of business outcomes delivered for customers? Do you have a credible network with plenty of recommendations and endorsements? Have you published a portfolio of quality thought leadership material? Are you active in the groups or communities that influence your industry?

Here’s how you need to think: You are the product and LinkedIn is the brochure about you. Is it compelling? Do you portray friendly gravitas, strong domain knowledge and customer-centricity?

Using LinkedIn to help secure another job is obvious but the real power is unlocked when you seriously build a personal brand, engage in relevant communities, begin to publish quality original content, and track social proximity and network to previously unimagined levels. But don't damage your brand or diminish the value of LinkedIn by inappropriate spamming, stalking or pitching at people. Respect those who allow you to connect.

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Main Image Photo by Flickr: pasukaru76