People Are Motivated By Reasons They Discover

Building trust and creating value is at the heart of professional selling. But no-one is motivated by our promises or pitch. Telling is not selling. Information does not inspire or differentiate. Facts and data do not equate to insight. The art of selling is in helping people have an epiphany that you personally – before your company, product, service or solution – are what they need. People have always bought from those they like and trust, but success for sales people requires one more ingredient today – value through insight.

The very best sales people are not warriors of persuasion, but rather engineers of value. They are naturally curious and obsessively focused on the customer’s world. I used to wrongly believe that the best sales people were the ones selling ‘unique’ solutions… how wrong I was! The best sales people are actually those selling commodities; because the only way they can effectively differentiate is in the way they sell.

Here’s a revelation that will change you sales career – everything is a commodity in the eyes of the buyer; except you and the way you engage your customer. The way we sell is more important than what we sell. You personally are the solution. Think like you’re an extension of your customer’s organization and talk the language of leadership: delivering outcomes and managing risk.

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Main Image Photo by Flickr: Arya Ziai