Women Sell Better Than Men

Women are the more evolved sex in every way. If they lead every country on the planet, there would be peace. When they're given a shot at the C-Suite, they turn companies around. Here's why?

  • Greater empathy
  • Better multi-taskers
  • Higher EQ
  • Neurologically superior brains (more connected synapses)
  • Better conflict resolution as managers
  • Better emotional resonance through story telling
  • More caring and nurturing for the actual helping of the solution
  • Deeper intuition, gut instinct and sixth sense on the deal and reading people
  • Let's be honest, they're 50 moves ahead of men
  • Women handle stress better than men
  • Better memory (remember the nitty gritty details and names)
  • Higher pain tolerance (hint, they don't take rejection as hard)

Well, there are no secrets here, folks. Women have been running this planet for quite some time. If a world leader is a man, it's really the woman running the show behind the scenes. We all know that!

One thing is clear, we need more than 4% of leaders in elite systems to be women; down from 5% in the previous survey. How do we fix this in male-dominated worldwide sales? The thousands of men who will read this disproportionally to women mainly because of the controversial title and provocative picture, if you'd like to change this system - hit like and share this with your network.

Women, please comment and give me even more reasons and article link outs and I'll keep updating the article.

Managers: I believe in meritocracy and hiring the best candidate for the job. If you have the ability to practice equality and eliminate bias in your organization, make a conscious effort.

I was struck by a story I heard about Mike Derezin from LinkedIn who was asked to join a panel of male speakers but waited until they included women before he agreed to join. I know I've touched the third rail of gender equality in this post and will be accused of reverse sexism.

Personally, I'd prefer to work for a woman, wouldn't you?


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